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A Little Bird Told Us...

Topiary Owls from The Night Gardener children's book

… that ‘The Night Gardener’ is a brilliant book. We were preening our feathers after being asked by Quarto Publishing to help them market this fantastic new addition to children’s literature.

The book tells the story of a topiary expert who transforms a miserable and grey street into a place of joy and colour by completing amazing topiaries by night while the street’s residents sleep.

The book’s cover features a beautiful owl, which Agrumi’s own topiary expert deftly copied in artificial Boxwood. This material was chosen over living plants because the figures would feature in the window displays of various popular London bookshops from the hardback launch at the beginning of 2017 to the paperback launch extending into 2018.

A topiary owl in a bookshop window promoting The Night Gardener

The figures would need little or no attention and would continue looking as good as the day they were made however long they were displayed and in however many different venues.

Commenting on the reception of the topiary owls at Quarto Head Office, Christopher Ransom said:

"They sent everyone in our office mad with excitement, and the likeness is amazing! Couldn’t be happier!"

The Night Gardener topiary owl

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