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Metal Sculptures by Luigi Frosini

Lifelike forms handmade from steel wire

Metal Sculptures from the Natural World

A range of metal sculptures created by our head topiary artist, Luigi Frosini.
Inspired by the natural world around him, Luigi endeavours to create lifelike sculptures.
Roe Deer Metal Garden Sculpture by Luigi Frosini
Realistic 3D Forms
Having worked closely with nature, Luigi can create realistic 3D forms, capturing the personality of each perfectly.
Metal Ram Sculpture
Hand Welded Steel
They are made from annealed steel wire, all hand welded by Luigi, making every sculpture unique.
Metal Piglets
Custom Commissions
There is a range available online at Top Topiary but Luigi will also undertake custom commissions.

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Metal Sheep Family

A Selection of Customer Photos

These photos have been shared by owners of Luigi Frosini metal sculptures.
They show the difference between the two finishes offered; the natural rust finish and the black lacquer finish that helps to prevent oxidisation.
Metal Animal sculptures in gardens

The Artist and the Man

Having grown up in in a simple agrarian community, Luigi appreciates the inter-connectivity between humans and nature and refers to himself as a “contadino” or “peasant”. This diffidence masks the natural sophistication of a keen amateur botanist, instinctive gardener and forager, hunter and fisherman.

These experiences equipped him with singular opportunities to observe domesticated and wild animals both subjectively and objectively. On seeing his wirework sculptures it will be clear that his knowledge of animal forms is based on close personal scrutiny: he captures the mood and character of different species and breeds perfectly.

Luigi has an uncanny ability to conceive scale and proportion and relies on this in preference to computer-assisted design. Although educated to a basic level, he nevertheless creates sculptures that exhibit a strong scientific bent in their spatial and three-dimensional appearance. This natural ability to resolve difficult technical challenges of form and materials has become a hallmark of his practice. His designs have a quirky originality and simplicity about them that belies the complexity of the wire working process and the refinement of the journey from concept to design to figurative representation.

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New Forest topiary artist Luigi Frosini adds the finishing touches to a stag.

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