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DIY Topiary Sculptures

Enchanting handmade frames perfect for aspiring topiarists

Grow your own topiary animal

Simply trim the plant back as it grows through our lovingly hand-crafted topiary frame.
You'll soon have a lush sculpture that will leave your friends and family impressed with your plant-shaping topiary skills!
Puppy dog from our DIY Topiary range
For Aspiring Topiarists
Whether a gift to yourself, a family member or a friend these small sculptures introduce what could be a relaxing new hobby.
A topiary cat frame from our DIY Topiary range
Hand-Crafted in The New Forest
Our artisan sculptors bend and spot weld galvanised steel wire into the charming shape. This is then covered in coated mesh to complete the cutting guide.
A squirrel shaped DIY topiary frame
Easy to Grow and Shape
Simply clip back the leaves as they protrude the frame. Our comprehensive Buxus care guide will help you keep your topiary sculpture looking green and lush.

Shop from our range

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Rabbit shaped DIY Topiary frameTeddy bear shaped DIY Topiary frame

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