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Our most popular living topiary designs

Living topiary ready to leave the nursery

Our most popular designs are available without the wait and because we've already done the design work they come at a cheaper price than our bespoke sculptures. 
Ligustrum Topiary Deer Family
Our Most Popular Designs
We have Ligustrum delavayanum sculptures available ranging from a rabbit to an elephant!
Agrumi topiarist planting up a deer
Hand-Crafted in The New Forest
Our topiary artists create the sculptures by hand, each branch of living plant is carefully woven around a steel armature.
Ligustrum Jumping Horse
Ready to Make an Instant Impact
Fully-covered in foliage, the sculptures arrive ready to make an instant impact in your garden, courtyard or terrace. They can be planted into the ground or kept in a planter.

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New Forest Ponies in topiary at the RHS Chelsea Flower Show

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