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Introduce screening for added privacy in your garden

Fencing doesn’t always blend in well with the rest of the garden so why not add something more natural and eco-friendly, unlike a hedge our screens takes up a lot less space, need less maintenance and provide solution.

We can make a screen to your exact dimensions. All frames are handmade from steel at our workshop in the New Forest, so will stand the test of time. They’re provided with living or artificial plants already woven onto the frame providing an evergreen screen without the wait.

It’s not just flat panel screens, espalier and pleached trees are other screening specialities.

Star Jasmine Panel
Eleagnus Panels Planted in Garden
Eleagnus Panels Planted in Garden

Your choice of plants...
including Star Jasmine and Elaeagnus

Star Jasmine Close-up
Our most popular choice of plant for our Garden Features is Star Jasmine – Trachelospermum jasminoides. Star Jasmine is an evergreen plant, so it offers a full coverage of leaves throughout the year. During the Summer it is covered in white flowers, which boast an amazing fragrance. Walking through an archway made from Star Jasmine is a lovely way to experience the smell! It is great for pollinators too as the flowers are rich in nectar, which is ideal for lots of bees and butterflies.
Elaeagnus foliage
Other plant choices include Elaeagnus, which is also an evergreen plant. The leaves will stay in place all year around, so you'll have the screening effect in all seasons. The leaves mature to a lustrous green, but always retain their silvery undersides. In autumn, very small, but well-scented, creamy-white flowers open, filling the air with their delicious perfume. The foliage makes an excellent backdrop for showier ornamental plant. It is fully hardy that also tolerates shade, dry soil and salt-laden coastal winds.

How It Works

It starts with a phone call or email to discuss your plans and ends with a bespoke garden screening, with care and attention given throughout.
Topiary artist preparing a sketch
1. We discuss your ideas
Together we'll talk through your project brief and requirements. There's nothing we like more than a challenge!
Luigi welding a topiary armature
2. We build your structure
Our topiary artists get to work building your dream design. This can take less time than you imagine!
Eleagnus Panels Planted in Garden
3. Instant impact
Your structure arrives ready to delight, surprise and inspire!
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