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About Agrumi

The UK's Leading Bespoke Topiary Specialists

Our topiary artists create the sculptures and frames by hand, in our custom-designed topiary workshop.

Luigi Frosini, having worked closely with nature, recreates realistic 3D forms, capturing the personality of each subject perfectly from a rabbit to a racing car to supersize cartoon characters.

Rachel, working as Luigi’s understudy, makes smaller sculptures, helps with design and with the coordination of day-to-day operations.

Our Director Stanley Jackson learned his horticultural know how from experts when he lived and worked in Italy. Agrumi was founded over 20 years ago and Stanley and the team strive to ensure that all customers are delighted by the Agrumi experience.

Rachel and Luigi stood outside te topiary workshop
Luigi and Rachel at our workshop in the New Forest
Visitors are welcome but please contact us ahead of your visit to book an appointment. We do not have a shop but we do have a display of outdoor topiary sculptures adjacent to our workshop.

The Agrumi Process

From selection to completion, it can take less time than you imagine!
Topiary artist preparing a sketch
Luigi welding a topiary armature
Agrumi topiarist planting up a deer

Once you’ve selected from our gallery, or we’ve agreed your bespoke design, our artisans get to work creating your order. Every piece starts off with a hand welded steel armature.

For our living topiary sculptures, the root stocks of the plants are secured into place at the base of the sculpture. Each branch is carefully woven around the armature and tied into place. The planter is then filled with a blend of peat-free compost, pumice stones and mycorrhizal fungi.

Our living sculptures can be covered with a selection of plants depending on your requirements.

Our metal sculptures can be left to rust naturally or can be produced with a lacquered finish. Alternatively they can be covered with artificial foliage.

Why not discuss your ideas with us?

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