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Giant Topiary

Giant Topiary - Rabbit, Bag, ShoeSize is no object for Agrumi topiary. Whether for an event or just advertisement, giant-topiary can be an eye-catching and unusual way to draw in the crowds.

We recently completed our first international topiary commission against formidable competition! In just 10 days we designed, constructed and delivered a 3 metre high topiary teddy bear sculpture to a municipal project in Belgium; the impressive bear now features on a prominent roundabout site and is being enjoyed by thousands of people as they drive by on their daily commutes.

Giant Topiary

This two-metre high giant topiary shoe was commissioned by Rain Communications to launch a week-long fashion and floral-themed festival in London.

The design was based on a pair of similarly formed denim stiletto shoes purchased by Lady Gaga from Lungta de Fancy in St Christopher’s Place, near Oxford Street, and was made in just two weeks.

The local traders wanted to commemorate the celebrity visit; what better way than through the art of topiary!

Agrumi Letters
2D 'Agrumi' letters in Ligustrum delavayanum

Champions Day Topiary Letters

We can make topiary letters and numbers in any size, two or three-dimensional, in a choice of living Ligustrum, Star Jasmine, or, alternatively, using dyed dried moss or artificial materials.

Perfect for promoting a green environmentally friendly image, be it your company name in giant three-dimensional letters, planted outside your office for promotion or an event, we can make attractive signage to promote your business or welcome people to your event/property.

Or, alternatively, if it's a special occasion such as someone's birthday, anniversary, wedding or just an event in someone specials life, why not have us create a beautiful design of their name, initials, age or a special message to commemorate the occasion in beautiful living topiary that can be planted in the ground as a permanent living memento?

We recently made some topiary letters against the clock on behalf of BBC Entertainment which were displayed at the British Embassy in Oslo in honour of the Queen's Official Birthday. We were more than happy with the result; using Star Jasmine as our plant of choice we were able to produce good looking topiary in a matter of days. You can watch a video of how we did it here.

BBC Entertainment Topiary Letters
The 'BBC Entertainment' letters in Star-Jasmine
'Ryobi' letters in artificial boxwood
Ryboi Artificial Boxwood Letters
Ryboi artificial boxwood topiary letters for Ryobi
Dry dyed moss topiary letters in a typewriter style font.
Dry dyed moss topiary letters in a typewriter style font
Dry dyed moss topiary letters in a typewriter style font.
Dry dyed moss topiary letters in a typewriter style font
Artificial grass wall mounted letters
Artificial grass wall mounted letters

Topiary frames

Underneath every one of Agrumi’s beautiful topiary pieces - whether made from living plants, grass, moss or artificial boxwood - lies a sculptural frame fashioned by hand from thin metal rods. Our gifted and imaginative team use their skills to craft these robust structures so they are capable of withstanding the plant weaving process, yet detailed enough to show the characteristic features of the design below.  The frames can be bought ‘off the shelf’ from one of our existing designs, or made completely bespoke to your own ideas. We also make topiary frames, to any size, suitable for the horticultural techniques of training plants into pleached, espalier, arched, or caged designs.

Our topiary frames - works of art?

Minus the plants woven around the sculptures, Agrumi’s topiary frames are equivalent to works of art.  The physical manipulation of material to form sculpture dates back to prehistoric times. Today the signature of a particular artist on a sculpture can command huge prices. Of course we’re not saying that Agrumi’s topiary frames are in the same league as art by Anish Kapoor, yet in their own way they catch the eye and prompt the viewer into a response – be it admiration for the modeling, appreciation of the skill involved in the fabrication or simply a recognition that it captures something authentic about the character of the figure portrayed.

Surely the reason why a piece of art is covetable is that it is distinctive and individual? The buyer pays for the time and effort the artist has contributed and in return expects to own something that is an exclusive one-off: an object that no one else has. Agrumi’s topiary frames offer a similar experience for comparatively little expense. Each frame is not just a commodity manufactured through a soulless production line; our frames are special. Each one is unique precisely because it is handmade. This means that no two frames are identical – even when they are constructed to the same physical dimensions and design. Each frame has quirks and idiosyncrasies that make it stand out from its peers.

Our topiary frames – a bit about their history

The fabrication process used by our team have been tried and tested over years of experimentation. Our senior topiary artist Luigi was originally from Northern Italy. He started work as an apprentice in the furniture-making industry for which his country is rightfully known as a world leader. Chairs and sofas need to be constructed from frames that are sturdy and durable, yet exhibit appealing aesthetic qualities when they are covered in fabric or leather. The process of attaching the covering to the frame beneath is also a skilled job where a true artisan can excel if they have an eye for detail, patience and dexterity of hand.

These accomplishments are not so very different from the techniques needed for topiary making. Recognising this, Luigi saw an opportunity to offer his natural aptitude and acquired skills to some of the many agricultural nurseries that abound in Northern Italy where topiary is an important part of the stock ranges. He also welcomed the chance to give his creative flair free reign outside the factory environment where he was previously employed.

Ever on the look out for new and interesting product lines to offer Agrumi’s customers, our Director Stanley Jackson routinely sources some stock from the Northern Italian specialists. Having lived in the area for years and speaking fluent Italian, he views it as a second home where he can obtain high quality plants at wholesale prices to pass on as savings to his customers. While there, Stanley came into contact with Luigi, a friendship was formed and, seeing a new opportunity for his unique skills, Luigi moved to the UK. We have been very lucky to benefit from his talent – expertise that he is now passing on to others at our New Forest nursery.

Our topiary frames – sculptures for gardens or businesses

Our topiary frames make wonderful stand-alone sculptures in a garden, landscape or home. Imagine the impression among family, friends and other visitors when they see one of our designs displayed to optimum effect in your personal space. Picture the delight of children encountering a family of elephants trailing across your lawn or a group of hares racing and boxing.

Our topiary frames can also be used to enhance exhibition spaces and communicate business and PR messages in a playful yet sophisticated way. A golfer outside a golf club; a horse outside a stud or stables; a car on a dealer’s forecourt: all these things advertise what your business is about clearly, but the message is upmarket and subtle. Look at the photographs on this page and you’ll appreciate creativity behind the replication of a life-size racehorse in steel, the capturing of the cheeky personality of a little terrier dog, the elegant sophistication of a stiletto shoe or the latent power of a Harley Davidson.

Our topiary frames – expertly engineered

Each of our topiary frames also offers a master class in the application of precision engineering and three-dimensional modelling. For people purchasing our frames for display purposes we increase the amount of metal detailing to ensure that as much fine detail as possible is achieved.  The frames can be purchased galvanized or un-galvanized giving you the option of letting your new sculpture rust gracefully outside as it ages or of resisting corrosion from the elements. Inside of course, our frames retain their pristine looks.

Our topiary frames – ideal for budding topiary artists

Traditionalists more interested in the artistic attractions of clipped topiary than the substructures beneath, might be intrigued by the creative challenge of fashioning their own topiary sculpture from scratch. If you buy a frame, pot and plant from us separately, we’ll show you how to put the three together to make a stunning topiary focal point in your own mini Versailles. Creating a natural wonder out of steel and plants is skilled work, but with Agrumi’s know-how behind you it won’t be impossible to achieve. We’ll be there whenever you need help and advice on precision pruning.

Give our team a call on 01590 683487 to order a topiary frame today.

Topiary Frames

Topiary Frames

Here at Agrumi our speciality is in Bespoke Topiary, however, we also supply many classic architectural topiary shapes.

We can offer balls, cones, pyramids, spirals and standards, all at very competitive prices. We supply them in a wide range of plant species; including Common Box, Conifer, the deciduous shrubs (Euonymus and Photinia) and the evergreen shrubs Ilex (of which Holly is one variety), Ligustrum (Privet) and Taxus.

We also have some beautiful specimen Cloud and Pom Pom-trained trees at the nursery; grown in a variety of species and sizes they make fantastic feature plants, placed in a prominent place they can gracefully enhance your garden design.

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If you see something you like or have a particular request, don't hesitate to ask, we make classic topiary in all manner of shapes and sizes.

F1 Topiary
F1 Topiary
Harley Davidson
Harley Topiary








Another popular use of topiary is to transform all manner of transport into a green expression of nature. We can make topiary transport models of almost any type, specification or details; such as the Hyundai Car we made, celebrating the first production model Hydrogen Fuel Cell vehicle, the ix35.

Be it a plane, car, bike, boat or train, our sculptor works to any specification, scale and model, to bring them as close to life as possible; from F1 cars to a full-size horse and carriage, we've made all kinds of transport in topiary!


Alice Characters in front of TopiaryThis year Agrumi were present at the RHS Hampton court palace flower show 2015 with a special garden display.

With the backing of Pan Macmillan, and designs based on illustrator John Tenniel's drawings for Lewis Carroll's original Alice story,  we'll be celebrating 150 years of Alice's Adventures in Wonderland with a fun fitting feature made in marvelous topiary!

The Agrumi “We’re all mad here!” Garden will feature living Privet figures, including the Cheshire cat, Mad Hatter and Queen of Hearts (her dress decorated in red sedums) and more!

Designed by Melanie Harper/John McGill and inspired by the altered perceptions of reality in the Macmillan Alice book, Alice Email SignatureSHOW EXHIBITORthe garden plays with 3D perspective.

Placed on a giant chessboard made of turf and dried natural moss, that has been dyed organically in contrasting colours, the chess squares are made to appear as if they are receding into the distance.

Buy your tickets to the show here

We're hugely excited to be a part of such a prestigious event, and look forward to seeing as many faces as possible!


It's a wrap!

The RHS Hampton Court Palace Flower Show 2015 has come to a close! We've had a fantastic show and the public reception was exceptional; our display had people stopping and smiling all day long!

Thank you to everyone that came along, saw our display, and joined us in the sweltering heat; we're incredibly grateful!

It's not the end for our topiary Alice garden, however, as you'll be able to find them on display at RHS Garden Harlow Carr, Hyde Hall and Wisley over the Summer; so, if you missed out, they're worth a visit!


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Topiary at Weddings

Whether you’re getting married or just planning a surprise for your partner topiary can be a long lasting, living, expression of love.

We’ll work with you to create something truly unique and personal to you both:

  • Animals
  • Initials intertwined
  • Figures from the history of romance
  • And all other manner of superb sculptures can be conjured up for your special day.

It will be eye-catching, distinctive and unique to the special relationship you share.

And after your event your topiary can live on in your home or garden as a permanent reminder of your perfect day – so it’s environmentally friendly too!

Request a Free No Obligation Estimate

Topiary peacock made with living and artificial flowers.

This beautiful wedding peacock was the result of collaboration between Agrumi and a talented local florist. We built the frame and the florist did the rest.

The colours were chosen to compliment the bride and groom’s wedding clothes.

The peacock is associated with fortune, compassion, kindness, and patience. It is an ideal symbol for couples embarking on a lifetime together.

Or what could be more appropriate for a classic English wedding than topiary hearts placed by the altar, lining the aisle under planted with flowers matching the bride’s bouquet or surrounding the wedding breakfast table?

Request a Free No Obligation Estimate


Combine our expertise with your imagination.

Together we’ll create designs to delight, surprise and inspire.

Animals, figures or objects – there is almost nothing we can’t make in topiary.

From traditional hearts or entwined initials to exotic birds and fantasy characters – topiary can make your event look extraordinary.

Where can I put topiary?

  • By the altar, lining the aisle, surrounding the wedding breakfast table, in the grounds near your marquee.
  • At the entrance to the registry office, by the registrar’s desk.
  • Inside or outside your synagogue, temple or mosque, at your parent’s home.
  • We can make topiary in any size or shape to suit your occasion.

Request a Free No Obligation Estimate

The Radley Dog made from artificial topiary by Agrumi

How it works

Agrumi Topiary Art is fabricated on metal frames covered in living or artificial plants and flowers or natural, dried moss (which can be dyed).

We also have stock topiary figures and classic topiary shapes –including box balls, cones, spirals and lollipop bay trees – for sale or hire to dress your reception space.

Star Jasmine is an excellent choice for wedding topiary. This picture shows a topiary shoe.

Star Jasmine, with its lovely fragrant white flowers, makes an exceptional plant of choice for any wedding decoration – a huge variety of other plants and flowers are of course possible as well.

After the event, your personal topiary design can be planted in your garden as a memento of the occasion.

Your wedding can be made even more special with a touch of topiary. If you want to know more about how we can help you, get in touch with us today for a chat and a free no obligation estimate.

Request a Free No Obligation Estimate

Topiary signsWhy not challenge us to make something completely new and unique? The range of miscellaneous topiary shapes we can offer is almost infinite; express your creativity and imagination with our expertise to have something special made.

In the past, we've made Anchors, Arches, Cubes, Flowers, Shoes, Gazebos, Hearts, Stars, Teddy Bears, Umbrellas, Wishing Wells, Treble Clefs, and Tennis Rackets.

Why not challenge us to make something new?

The word ‘topiary’ is derived from the Latin word topiarius; meaning ‘landscape gardener’.

Topiary is the horticultural art of clipping and training shrubs or trees into ornamental shapes and sculptures. The resulting topiary shape can be as exotic and elaborate as desired; ranging from animal shapes and figures to a well trimmed hedge.

Styles of topiary

There are many different styles of topiary, each favoured by different regions of the world and at different times of history.

The most notable gardens, mazes and sculptures are discussed below.

Traditional topiary again fills the squares of the parterre at the Château de Villandry, France.
Traditional topiary again fills the squares of the parterre at the Château de Villandry, France.

Parterre gardens

This style of topiary became popular during the Italian Renaissance and influenced French gardens after the invasion of Italy by Charles VIII. Beautifully ornate, clipped hedges (often using Buxus Sempervirens, or Box) are laid out in symmetrical patterns, usually on a large scale. Gravel paths are often placed between the hedges with statues and plants in pots among them. As time went on the designs became more and more elaborate with colorful plants and flowers added for interest.

Topiary knot garden
Topiary knot garden

Knot gardens

First established in England during the reign of Elizabeth I, these gardens again follow very formal designs with low hedges cut in criss-cross patterns literally resembling knots. Traditionally the hedges would be made from aromatic plants and culinary herbs. Today the hedges may be fashioned from Box (or similar) with gravel paths and aromatic plants and herbs in between. In this case they may be more accurately called Parterres.

Mazes and labyrinths

In gardening terms, a maze is constructed from tall, clipped hedging and offers a branching puzzle to walk through with choices of path and direction. A labyrinth offers a single, non-branching path. The goal in each case is to reach the centre of the garden. Pleasure gardens with mazes and labyrinths evolved from the Parterre and Knot gardens of Renaissance Europe. The oldest surviving example in England was built for King William III in the late 17th century at Hampton Court Palace.

Topiary sculptures

Topiary sculptures are a more modern development and most often consist of standard, geometric shapes like pyramids and spirals; however, the resurgence of topiary became a unique way to represent animals and figures, with its use in special displays such as at theme parks, festivals and promotional events across the globe. The shapes can be made by trimming a bushy shrub or tree down, or, by using a wire frame which can either be stuffed with moss or used as a pruning guide to grow plants around it.

Topiary Stag at Paultons Park.
Topiary Stag at Paultons Park.

Topiary pruning


People and fantasy characters make for fantastic topiary sculptures; have a set made to a particular theme for display, include props to enhance them, and they will surely turn heads.

The range of people and fantasy characters we can make is limited only by imagination; we make to fit whatever your specifications!

We have been commissioned to make figures for parties, shows, exhibitions and as permanent fixtures in private spaces. For instance, we made a giant chess set for a famous authors garden, people and dogs to add to the audience at a public event, and many many more.

We are currently working on a full set of Alice in Wonderland figures based on the 19th century drawings by John Tenniel, to be displayed at the RHS Hampton Court Garden Show.

We would be delighted to discuss your own bespoke topiary sculpture ideas

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