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Artificial Boxwood Matting

Artificial Boxwood Matting Close-upArtificial Boxwood matting can be very effective if you're looking for a low maintenance realistic alternative to living topiary plants that can be ready in an instant. We use a variety with deep 'foliage' and tonal shades of green which replicate the real thing. It is also UV fade protected, for long-term outdoor use, light, sturdy, and weather-resistant.

The same talented wire artists that create Agrumi's living plant topiary at our New Forest nursery can use this to make topiary that requires absolutely no on-going care. It's the perfect choice for clients wanting to commission items that they can transport and use over and over again for events and exhibitions both indoors and out.

Agrumi have created a range of Boxwood topiary sculptures; including a big scottie dog for Radley Co. as an artificial topiary piece.

Agrumi’s prices are very competitive; price-wise there is little difference between bespoke topiary made from artificial boxwood matting and that made of living plants, as it requires the same amount of work – give us a call and we can work something out!

The Radley Dog made from artificial topiary by Agrumi

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Radley dog in artificial topiary.

Radley is a British company that values good design and quality. Its beautiful handbags, purses and accessories have become world famous, as has its little Scottie dog logo. ‘Radley’ the dog embodies the company’s respect for British humour and eccentricity and features on all its products.

To celebrate the re-launch of their flagship store in Covent Garden, Radley asked Agrumi to make their adorable logo larger than life in a giant topiary ‘pop-up’ to feature in the Piazza.

Although the piece could have been made with living plants, Radley chose to use artificial boxwood matting. The product Agrumi uses has deep ‘foliage’ and tonal shades of green, which replicate the real thing very well.

This light, sturdy, UV fade-protected and weather-resistant material requires no on-going care and is the perfect choice for clients wanting items they can transport and use over and over again for indoor and outdoor events and exhibitions. After appearing in Covent Garden, Radley took their topiary dog on a countrywide promotional tour.

The Radley Dog made from artificial topiary by Agrumi

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