Agrumi Bespoke Topiary Logo

Agrumi at the London Design Museum

We were recently commissioned by NeosCreative to craft a series of iconic brand trademarks in topiary for an exhibition titled “Like me – our bond with brands” held at the Design Museum on the River Thames.

Curated by branding pioneers Lippincott, the exhibition looked at the power dynamic between people and brands and the roles consumers play in their creation. As leaders in our own field, we were asked to create 5 pieces of topiary representing iconic brand images that are recognisable to people across the globe.


Made from artificial Boxwood and placed atop our beautiful white pots our logos for McDonalds, Disney, Twitter, London Underground and Facebook are both emblematic of the famous companies they represent and the power of our topiary to create marketing impact.

Monique Cockerill poses with the giant topiary stiletto shoe in St Christopher's Place, London. Picture by GLENN COPUS
Monique Cockerill poses with the giant topiary stiletto shoe in St Christopher's Place, London.

The Lady Gaga shoe was commissioned to launch a week-long event of floral and fashion themed festivities. This two metre high stiletto was positioned in St Christopher’s Place in London, just a stone’s throw away from the hustle and bustle of Oxford Street.

The design was based on a pair of similarly formed denim stiletto shoes purchased by Lady Gaga from Lungta de Fancy in St Christopher’s Place. The local traders wanted to commemorate the celebrity visit, and what better way than through the art of topiary!

St Christopher’s Place wanted the shoe covered in living plants and we used fast-growing Star jasmine (Trachelospermum jasminoides), which offers the added bonus of seasonal, fragrant white flowers.

LED Lighting Topiary Shoe
LED Lighting Topiary Shoe

It took just a week to create this piece from scratch. The success of the project inspired St Christopher’s Place to commission another shoe from Agrumi, but this time covered in twinkly LED lights.

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