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Bespoke Garden Features

Living Plant Screening, Arches, Panels and Espaliers

Agrumi designs and creates Bespoke Garden Features from their custom made topiary workshop.

We start by building a steel framework in the style and size of your choice.  We then train the plants’ stems, branches and foliage over the framework.

We are able to create the structure to your design specification.

Living Plant Screening

Living plant screening is usually a row of panels covered in plant foliage, which act like a hedge, in the fraction of the space. These are especially popular in urban areas where space is at a premium. These are made to measure, so that they fit perfectly in your space. A group of panels make great instant screening. Instead of using a tall fence to create privacy, plant covered panels create a soft looking screen that also lets light in

Unlike a wall or fence, a hedge filters the wind and calms it, which leads to improved air circulation and the formation of a sheltered micro-climate. In the garden, this gives better growing conditions as a result of warmer soil.

Star Jasmine Panels planted in Garden
Multiple Panels positioned on a property boundary – with Star Jasmine


Archways can really add the 'wow' factor to a garden, as they lead you into a new area of the property, or frame a particular view of the garden space. Arches can be made with flexibility on the width and depth.

Star Jasmine Archway

Star Jasmine Archway
5 metre long Tunnel – with flowering Star Jasmine

Star Jasmine Arch

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Panels can be used singly or in a group to create a screening effect. You might want to hide an unattractive feature. We don't all have great views from every window and a screening panel can block the view of rubbish bins, washing lines, compost heaps, or ugly buildings. This is particularly useful if you need a high screen, when the cost implications of walls and fences becomes even more persuasive in favour of a plant covered panel.

Star Jasmine Panel

Star Jasmine Curved Panel
Panel with a curved top - with freshly planted Star Jasmine

Espaliers and Pleached Trees

Metal frameworks can even be secured onto trees, to create a pleached effect. This is a really popular option for those that want to add height to an existing fence. A group pleached trees offers extra privacy, almost acting like a hedge suspended above the fence line. A benefit of choosing a pleached tree over a very tall fence, is that you do not lose the light, while benefitting from more privacy.

Pleached Tree

Your choice of plants...including Star Jasmine and Eleagnus

Our most popular choice of plant for our Garden Features is Star Jasmine – Trachelospermum jasminoides. Star Jasmine is an evergreen plant, so it offers a full coverage of leaves throughout the year. During the Summer it is covered in white flowers, which boast an amazing fragrance. Walking through an archway made from Star Jasmine is a lovely way to experience the smell! It is great for pollinators too as the flowers are rich in nectar, which is ideal for lots of bees and butterflies.

Star Jasmine Close-up

Other plant choices include Eleagnus, which is also an evergreen plant. The leaves will stay in place all year around, so you'll have the screening effect in all seasons. The leaves mature to a lustrous green, but always retain their silvery undersides. In autumn, very small, but well-scented, creamy-white flowers open, filling the air with their delicious perfume. The foliage makes an excellent backdrop for showier ornamental plant. It is fully hardy that also tolerates shade, dry soil and salt-laden coastal winds.

Planting a panel of Eleagnus creates an instant hedge effect in a fraction of the space.

Eleagnus Panels Planted in Garden
Multiple Panels positioned on a property boundary – with Eleagnus


Could Agrumi help you with a Bespoke Garden Feature? Contact us for a quote!

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