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Classic Topiary Shapes

Here at Agrumi our speciality is in Bespoke Topiary, however, we also supply many classic architectural topiary shapes.

We can offer balls, cones, pyramids, spirals and standards, all at very competitive prices. We supply them in a wide range of plant species; including Common Box, Conifer, the deciduous shrubs (Euonymus and Photinia) and the evergreen shrubs Ilex (of which Holly is one variety), Ligustrum (Privet) and Taxus.

We also have some beautiful specimen Cloud and Pom Pom-trained trees at the nursery; grown in a variety of species and sizes they make fantastic feature plants, placed in a prominent place they can gracefully enhance your garden design.

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If you see something you like or have a particular request, don't hesitate to ask, we make classic topiary in all manner of shapes and sizes.

F1 Topiary
F1 Topiary
Harley Davidson
Harley Topiary








Another popular use of topiary is to transform all manner of transport into a green expression of nature. We can make topiary transport models of almost any type, specification or details; such as the Hyundai Car we made, celebrating the first production model Hydrogen Fuel Cell vehicle, the ix35.

Be it a plane, car, bike, boat or train, our sculptor works to any specification, scale and model, to bring them as close to life as possible; from F1 cars to a full-size horse and carriage, we've made all kinds of transport in topiary!


Alice Characters in front of TopiaryThis year Agrumi were present at the RHS Hampton court palace flower show 2015 with a special garden display.

With the backing of Pan Macmillan, and designs based on illustrator John Tenniel's drawings for Lewis Carroll's original Alice story,  we'll be celebrating 150 years of Alice's Adventures in Wonderland with a fun fitting feature made in marvelous topiary!

The Agrumi “We’re all mad here!” Garden will feature living Privet figures, including the Cheshire cat, Mad Hatter and Queen of Hearts (her dress decorated in red sedums) and more!

Designed by Melanie Harper/John McGill and inspired by the altered perceptions of reality in the Macmillan Alice book, Alice Email SignatureSHOW EXHIBITORthe garden plays with 3D perspective.

Placed on a giant chessboard made of turf and dried natural moss, that has been dyed organically in contrasting colours, the chess squares are made to appear as if they are receding into the distance.

Buy your tickets to the show here

We're hugely excited to be a part of such a prestigious event, and look forward to seeing as many faces as possible!


It's a wrap!

The RHS Hampton Court Palace Flower Show 2015 has come to a close! We've had a fantastic show and the public reception was exceptional; our display had people stopping and smiling all day long!

Thank you to everyone that came along, saw our display, and joined us in the sweltering heat; we're incredibly grateful!

It's not the end for our topiary Alice garden, however, as you'll be able to find them on display at RHS Garden Harlow Carr, Hyde Hall and Wisley over the Summer; so, if you missed out, they're worth a visit!


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Topiary at Weddings

Whether you’re getting married or just planning a surprise for your partner topiary can be a long lasting, living, expression of love.

We’ll work with you to create something truly unique and personal to you both:

  • Animals
  • Initials intertwined
  • Figures from the history of romance
  • And all other manner of superb sculptures can be conjured up for your special day.

It will be eye-catching, distinctive and unique to the special relationship you share.

And after your event your topiary can live on in your home or garden as a permanent reminder of your perfect day – so it’s environmentally friendly too!

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Topiary peacock made with living and artificial flowers.

This beautiful wedding peacock was the result of collaboration between Agrumi and a talented local florist. We built the frame and the florist did the rest.

The colours were chosen to compliment the bride and groom’s wedding clothes.

The peacock is associated with fortune, compassion, kindness, and patience. It is an ideal symbol for couples embarking on a lifetime together.

Or what could be more appropriate for a classic English wedding than topiary hearts placed by the altar, lining the aisle under planted with flowers matching the bride’s bouquet or surrounding the wedding breakfast table?

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Combine our expertise with your imagination.

Together we’ll create designs to delight, surprise and inspire.

Animals, figures or objects – there is almost nothing we can’t make in topiary.

From traditional hearts or entwined initials to exotic birds and fantasy characters – topiary can make your event look extraordinary.

Where can I put topiary?

  • By the altar, lining the aisle, surrounding the wedding breakfast table, in the grounds near your marquee.
  • At the entrance to the registry office, by the registrar’s desk.
  • Inside or outside your synagogue, temple or mosque, at your parent’s home.
  • We can make topiary in any size or shape to suit your occasion.

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The Radley Dog made from artificial topiary by Agrumi

How it works

Agrumi Topiary Art is fabricated on metal frames covered in living or artificial plants and flowers or natural, dried moss (which can be dyed).

We also have stock topiary figures and classic topiary shapes –including box balls, cones, spirals and lollipop bay trees – for sale or hire to dress your reception space.

Star Jasmine is an excellent choice for wedding topiary. This picture shows a topiary shoe.

Star Jasmine, with its lovely fragrant white flowers, makes an exceptional plant of choice for any wedding decoration – a huge variety of other plants and flowers are of course possible as well.

After the event, your personal topiary design can be planted in your garden as a memento of the occasion.

Your wedding can be made even more special with a touch of topiary. If you want to know more about how we can help you, get in touch with us today for a chat and a free no obligation estimate.

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Topiary signsWhy not challenge us to make something completely new and unique? The range of miscellaneous topiary shapes we can offer is almost infinite; express your creativity and imagination with our expertise to have something special made.

In the past, we've made Anchors, Arches, Cubes, Flowers, Shoes, Gazebos, Hearts, Stars, Teddy Bears, Umbrellas, Wishing Wells, Treble Clefs, and Tennis Rackets.

Why not challenge us to make something new?


People and fantasy characters make for fantastic topiary sculptures; have a set made to a particular theme for display, include props to enhance them, and they will surely turn heads.

The range of people and fantasy characters we can make is limited only by imagination; we make to fit whatever your specifications!

We have been commissioned to make figures for parties, shows, exhibitions and as permanent fixtures in private spaces. For instance, we made a giant chess set for a famous authors garden, people and dogs to add to the audience at a public event, and many many more.

We are currently working on a full set of Alice in Wonderland figures based on the 19th century drawings by John Tenniel, to be displayed at the RHS Hampton Court Garden Show.

We’re often approached by people who need topiary pieces made up in a hurry, or for an event that is too soon to give our standard Ligustrum time to fluff up. In these situations we have several tried and tested solutions to produce healthy looking topiary art exactly to the customers’ specification, in just a matter of weeks.

Climbers, Trachelospermum jasminoides (Star Jasmine) or Ivy

Trachelospermum jasminoides
Star Jasmine

Climbers, such us Star Jasmine and Ivy's, are energetic climbers than will rapidly cover a wire frame; making them an excellent solution to producing an elegant sculpture in a hurry. They're easy to wrap around the wire frame, without damaging the plant, and can be used to create a fuller effect in far less time than you'd get with Ligustrum or Buxus, for example. Star Jasmine also has the added bonus of producing extremely fragrant flowers!


  • We designed, created and transported the 2 meter high topiary stiletto in just 2 weeks for an event in Londons St Christophers Place using Star Jasmine.
  • Several of our topiary pieces at Paultons Park and Peppa Pig World have been constructed in ivy, but in these instances it was purely an aesthetic choice rather than a time constraint.

Boxwood matting

Artificial Boxwood Matting Close-up
Artificial Boxwood Matting

Artificial boxwood matting is a covering of realistic plastic foliage which can be used on a standard wire frame to create a green and bushy topiary sculpture in a fraction of the time. Fire resistant and UV stable options are available, and the final products have the added benefit of being suited to life indoors, as well as being highly portable.


  • We've created a large Scottie dog for Radley Co. out of artificial boxwood matting which they then used on a promotional tour across the UK.
  • We also made a large Easter bunny for Dobbies garden centres to celebrate Easter and the onset of the spring season.
  • Recently, we made a set of letters for Ryobi

Price wise artificial boxwood sculptures are available at very similar prices to those made from living material.



Namgrass is a near neighbour of Agrumi in the New Forest and they just happen to be Britain’s premier supplier of artificial grass. Namgrass products have a natural look and feel and have been a perfect partner for Agrumi’s topiary skills when clients want a design that’s light weight and easily portable. Agrumi have made a range of products with Namgrass


Dried Dyed Moss


Dried moss topiary figures can be made as a green natural alternative to living topiary that we use to create fuller looking products in an instant; producing healthy looking, soft topiary which requires very little maintenance.


Artificial Boxwood Matting Close-upArtificial Boxwood matting can be very effective if you're looking for a low maintenance realistic alternative to living topiary plants that can be ready in an instant. We use a variety with deep 'foliage' and tonal shades of green which replicate the real thing. It is also UV fade protected, for long-term outdoor use, light, sturdy, and weather-resistant.

The same talented wire artists that create Agrumi's living plant topiary at our New Forest nursery can use this to make topiary that requires absolutely no on-going care. It's the perfect choice for clients wanting to commission items that they can transport and use over and over again for events and exhibitions both indoors and out.

Agrumi have created a range of Boxwood topiary sculptures; including a big scottie dog for Radley Co. as an artificial topiary piece.

Agrumi’s prices are very competitive; price-wise there is little difference between bespoke topiary made from artificial boxwood matting and that made of living plants, as it requires the same amount of work – give us a call and we can work something out!

The Radley Dog made from artificial topiary by Agrumi

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Hyundai New Picture
The new Hyundai ix35 in 1:2 scale topiary

Hyundai recently introduced the world’s first production model Hydrogen Fuel Cell vehicle, the ix35. Powered by renewable energy and zero-emissions technology it offers the first viable alternative to the internal combustion engine.

Looking for ‘green’ ways to promote their new product, Hyundai came to Agrumi to make a 1:2 topiary version of the hydrogen-powered original. We were all too pleased to help promote green energy in the greenest way we know; using dyed dried moss to create a dense , soft to the touch, detailed model.

We made our topiary car with the boot open to reveal bottles of water – symbols of the green, clean and renewable future that inspired Hyundai’s new model.

We would be delighted to discuss your own bespoke topiary sculpture ideas

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