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Agrumi Puts the ‘Eco’ Into Quantcast’s ‘Marketing Ecosystem’

Quantcast logo in moss topiary with 3 cosplay modelsQuantcast is a company on a mission to help brands grow in the AI era. They are in the business of creating algorithms or ‘systems of intelligence’ for the online ‘marketing ecosystem’ so their clients can make smarter, faster and more relevant contact with their customers.

Quantcast recently launched ‘Q’ - the world’s largest AI-driven audience behaviour platform for the open Internet. Agrumi was commissioned to help with the UK PR and built this massive 150cm tall ‘Q’.

Moss Topiary Quantcast Logo

The result is pretty impressive and eye-catching and shows how Agrumi topiary can be used to enhance and reinforce PR messages.

Thanking us for our work Quantcast’s Marketing Associate Hannah McDougall said:

"The Q was a massive success!"

Quantcast Moss Topiary logo used as part of a photobooth

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