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Who's looking at you? Well Mickey obviously!!

Disney Mickey Mouse Topiary Sculpture

Following our recent commissions for Disney to celebrate Mickey’s 90th more work has followed including this witty installation for Disney via the PR company 2Heads.

Everyone here in the creative team at Agrumi had a blast putting this piece together:

  • From our hardworking, courteous office staff who provide Agrumi’s backbone and dealt with the new commission through the initial phone call to the legal, administrative and financiald etails;
  • To the inspired and inspiring design and fabrication department who made the figure;
  • To our wonderful delivery guys that carefully packaged and expertly delivered Mickey to our expectant customer.
  • The feedback about the pieces we made for Disney and 2 Heads have been overwhelmingly positive:

    “Many thanks for what you produced, they met the brief perfectly and added that little extra to a successful event."
    Punch Wilson, Production Manager, 2Heads

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