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Lush Hares Logo Says Animal Testing’s a No Go

Lush Moss Topiary HaresLush makes cosmetics by hand from natural ingredients. None of its products are tested on animals and the company is rightly proud of this claim - which it advertises through its fighting hares logo.

Focusing on the hares for a media event, Lush came to us to ensure that their logo was larger than life and eye-catching enough to take centre stage with journalists.

Lush Hares in Moss Topiary

We created the animals’ outlines expertly as usual using our tried and tested frame fabrication methods and the resulting skeletons were covered in moss for ease of transport, handling, care and longevity.

Lush now has an ecologically friendly version of its logo that it can use again and again at events to promote the company and its ethos about the welfare on animals.

Lush indeed!

If you're interested in some topiary hares or would like to see your company logo recreated in topiary then get in touch with us!

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