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Kat the Giant Grange Cattery Cat

Complete topiary cat in front drive

Colin from Grange Cattery (a family run business dedicated to providing accommodation for discerning cats) approached us about an artificial topiary cat to replace an old cat-shaped bush. He had spent years pruning a big bush in the front drive into the shape of a cat and this became an emblem for their business and something to make their property stand out. However this plant began to die, so he was desperate to replace this much-loved feline.Cat shaped bush in front drivedying cat shaped bush


With artificial boxwood we would not need to worry about the plant dying, and it requires no maintenance, so Colin can focus on helping out with the cats. We designed this 2 metre high cat with its front paws so that they would sit on the cattery's front wall.

Work in progress topiary cat

The sculpture was originally made a little too fat (oops – too many mice!), so we quickly adapted the cat’s belly and angle of the front paws to fit the space perfectly. We always want to make sure that the topiary we produce is exactly what the customer is looking for.

Artificial boxwood cat in front of workshop

The new topiary cat was installed in their drive and once some bespoke bright yellow eyes were put into place, Kat really came alive!

This piece really makes the cattery stand out as unique and is something that makes the property hard to miss.

Complete topiary cat in front drive

Topiary sculptures create great opportunities to utilise the holiday seasons throughout the year.

Artificial boxwood cat covered in Christmas decorations
Kat was decorated at Christmas time with big red ribbons

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