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Is there a mouse in the house?

Topiary Mickey Heads in Disneyland CaliforniaAs previous case studies have shown, Agrumi’s client base is extending and now incorporates the US.

After the success of other commissions there, we got a call from the Disneyland Resort in California. The idea was to make various Mickey and Minnie Mouse items in artificial box topiary for display in shops and at other merchandising outlets.

Topiary Mickey Heads in Disneyland California

We were only too pleased to help and worked closely with the Disney team to design and make a variety of items that would perfectly encapsulate the spirit of the Mouse and the company’s fun ethos.

The photos show our success and the Disney people were thrilled with the results. Project supervisor Cameryn Chan said:

“Thank you so much for everything your team did for us and with such short notice and lead time. We really appreciate it and it was a pleasure working with you”.

If you run a shop or amusement park then you might also want some topiary sculptures. Contact us today for a free quote!

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