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The Hyundai ix35

Hyundai New Picture
The new Hyundai ix35 in 1:2 scale topiary

Hyundai recently introduced the world’s first production model Hydrogen Fuel Cell vehicle, the ix35. Powered by renewable energy and zero-emissions technology it offers the first viable alternative to the internal combustion engine.

Looking for ‘green’ ways to promote their new product, Hyundai came to Agrumi to make a 1:2 topiary version of the hydrogen-powered original. We were all too pleased to help promote green energy in the greenest way we know; using dyed dried moss to create a dense , soft to the touch, detailed model.

We made our topiary car with the boot open to reveal bottles of water – symbols of the green, clean and renewable future that inspired Hyundai’s new model.

We would be delighted to discuss your own bespoke topiary sculpture ideas

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