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Introducing Agrumi's Charity of the Year - The Enham Trust

We first heard about the Enham Trust through a topiary commission (see photo). As we got to understand more about them and the wonderful work they do we realised there was no way we could charge them for the project – we simply had to make it a donation!

Bespoke Topiary Art Letters donated to Enham Trust

This case study is a great opportunity to bring a fantastic charity to the attention of our other clients and potential customers so they can think about donating too.

Over almost 100 years the Trust has facilitated opportunities for hundreds of thousands of disabled, elderly and vulnerable people to live the lives they choose, as independently as possible.

At present the Trust is supporting over 6500 individuals – children and adults - across three core services:

  • Care – including care at home
  • Housing – including sheltered accommodation and care homes
  • Employment – including jobs and skills training

The range of assistance offered is phenomenal from personal care (including help with personal hygiene such as bathing and showering, medications and food and drink preparation) to social support (such as shopping trips, domestic care, social activities, welfare checks and financial management and administration).

Based in Hampshire but with a much wider reach the Trust’s full care model enables them to provide a ‘wrap around service’ that is personalised and tailored to individuals.

Without the Trust’s know-how and support the lives of many people would be much the poorer physically and emotionally.

This Christmas and beyond if you’re looking for a deserving charity to support you should look no further that the Enham Trust.

Follow this link to the Trust’s website:

Why not discuss your ideas with us?

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