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On tour with Agrumi and Dippy the Natural History Museum dinosaur

Allosaurus Artificial Boxwood Topiary

“We are so pleased with the work Agrumi did!”
- Steve Hewlett, Manager, ‘Retail Birmingham’

Dippy, the Natural History Museum's iconic Diplodocus cast has been touring the UK on a natural history adventure. He’s been visiting some of this country’s incredible natural history collections and will be at the Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery until 9 September 2018.

A few months ago Retail Birmingham – which promotes and supports businesses in the city centre - got in touch. Dippy’s forthcoming visit provided an ideal opportunity for some dinosaur-related PR to promote their fantastic local shops and restaurants.

Triceratops Topiary

We were commissioned to create five 2m x 1m topiary animals to be displayed in bespoke planters sourced and planted by the local parks team.  The installations would be exhibited in key central locations and provide focal points of interest for the museum, Dippy’s tour and Birmingham’s commercial sector.

Using the Natural History Museum’s own ‘top 5’ list of their visitors’ favourite dinosaurs we made a Stegosaurus, Tyrannosauras, Diplodicus, Coelophysis and Triceratops. Retail Birmingham told us that the pieces needed to be weather and vandal-proof as well as fire retardant. Artificial boxwood is an ideal choice for this situation and the product we use is both lifelike and robust.

Triceratops topiary from the front

“Great to see the dinosaurs arrives today – they look really good!”

“We’ve started to put the dinosaurs out and already had a great reaction!”

The photos speak for themselves and the public reaction was so positive that a ‘Retail Birmingham’ immediately ordered an extra T-Rex and Stegosaurus. Shortly afterwards three more animals were commissioned – an Allosaurus, Velociraptor and Brachiosaurus.

Topiary Dinosaurs in Public

Delighted with the commission Retail Birmingham just launched a film about the project in time for the summer holidays. Watch it here:


The triceratops dinosaur topiary made from artificial boxwood in our topiary workshop


The stegosaurus having the finishing touches added to its tail in our topiary workshop
The stegosaurus having the finishing touches added to its tail in our topiary workshop

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Today we took the train to go and see Dippy on tour in Birmingham. We had a go at finding a few dinosaurs scattered around the city centre and then made our way up to the museum. We had a booked slot but there where plenty of people coming off the street and going in. For us the bit that made it was the Dino dig which is an extra £2 and must be booked but the boys loved being mini palaeontologists. You can have a look on our stories as they searched for fossils and categorised them. Have you seen the tour? Or will you be going? #dippyontour #dippyontourbirmingham

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Now that was fun!! Over 10,000 steps just this morning, shopping trip, lunch and movie with the family. ROARsome weekend! #DippyOnTour We love Dippy 👍 #DinosaurHunt #Dinosaurs 💚

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All ten dinosaurs snapped! #DippyOnTour #@shoppinginbham

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Hedging my bets to discover dinosaurs before they become extinct. #dippyontour @shoppinginbham

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Thought this was so cool!! #nofilter #dippyontour #dippyontourbirmingham #trex

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No #bees #beeinthecity #beeinthecitymcr @beeinthecitymcr here in #birmingham - it's all about #dinosaurs #dippyontour @shoppinginbham #shoppinginbham #igersbirmingham #igersbham

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