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Is there a mouse in the house?

Topiary Mickey Heads in Disneyland CaliforniaAs previous case studies have shown, Agrumi’s client base is extending and now incorporates the US.

After the success of other commissions there, we got a call from the Disneyland Resort in California. The idea was to make various Mickey and Minnie Mouse items in artificial box topiary for display in shops and at other merchandising outlets.

Topiary Mickey Heads in Disneyland California

We were only too pleased to help and worked closely with the Disney team to design and make a variety of items that would perfectly encapsulate the spirit of the Mouse and the company’s fun ethos.

The photos show our success and the Disney people were thrilled with the results. Project supervisor Cameryn Chan said:

“Thank you so much for everything your team did for us and with such short notice and lead time. We really appreciate it and it was a pleasure working with you”.

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Giant artificial boxwood topiary elephantProject Ink is an event management and design consultancy with a rota of high profile clients looking to enhance and promote their profile, services and image.

Working on a project with Kuoni, the luxury travel company famous for their safari holidays, Project Ink commissioned us to fabricate a 2.5m high, 2.4m long and 1.4m wide elephant in artificial grass. This big beast was to be the focal point for a Kuoni sponsored event at BBC ‘Countryfile Live’ that took place at beautiful Blenheim Palace in Oxfordshire in August.

Artificial Boxwood Elephant with Luigi
Pictured here with Luigi, Agrumi’s Head topiarist, our elephant is safari ready!

Over 4 gloriously sunny days at the event our elephant wowed the public and presenters alike and gave Kuoni fabulous publicity for their expertly curated holiday packages. The reaction on social media was glowing – as these posts show.

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Not something you see everyday #elephant #elephantonatrailer

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Just another normal day. Shrink wrapped topiary 3m elephant arrives on site 🐘🍃 #Kuoni #countryfilelive #eventdesign #openingtoday #topiary #elephant #kuonitravel #projectink #onsite #safari #safaritheme #luxurytravel #elephantonatrailer #elephantonthemotorway #designagency #farringdon #london #involveddesign

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#toperie #elephant #countryfilelive #blenheimpalace @bbccountryfilelive

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Spot the small boy hiding behind our giant topiary elephant #countryfilelive #bleneimpalace #kuoni #elephants #southafrica

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Quantcast logo in moss topiary with 3 cosplay modelsQuantcast is a company on a mission to help brands grow in the AI era. They are in the business of creating algorithms or ‘systems of intelligence’ for the online ‘marketing ecosystem’ so their clients can make smarter, faster and more relevant contact with their customers.

Quantcast recently launched ‘Q’ - the world’s largest AI-driven audience behaviour platform for the open Internet. Agrumi was commissioned to help with the UK PR and built this massive 150cm tall ‘Q’.

Moss Topiary Quantcast Logo

The result is pretty impressive and eye-catching and shows how Agrumi topiary can be used to enhance and reinforce PR messages.

Thanking us for our work Quantcast’s Marketing Associate Hannah McDougall said:

"The Q was a massive success!"

Quantcast Moss Topiary logo used as part of a photobooth

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Allosaurus Artificial Boxwood Topiary

“We are so pleased with the work Agrumi did!”
- Steve Hewlett, Manager, ‘Retail Birmingham’

Dippy, the Natural History Museum's iconic Diplodocus cast has been touring the UK on a natural history adventure. He’s been visiting some of this country’s incredible natural history collections and will be at the Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery until 9 September 2018.

A few months ago Retail Birmingham – which promotes and supports businesses in the city centre - got in touch. Dippy’s forthcoming visit provided an ideal opportunity for some dinosaur-related PR to promote their fantastic local shops and restaurants.

Triceratops Topiary

We were commissioned to create five 2m x 1m topiary animals to be displayed in bespoke planters sourced and planted by the local parks team.  The installations would be exhibited in key central locations and provide focal points of interest for the museum, Dippy’s tour and Birmingham’s commercial sector.

Using the Natural History Museum’s own ‘top 5’ list of their visitors’ favourite dinosaurs we made a Stegosaurus, Tyrannosauras, Diplodicus, Coelophysis and Triceratops. Retail Birmingham told us that the pieces needed to be weather and vandal-proof as well as fire retardant. Artificial boxwood is an ideal choice for this situation and the product we use is both lifelike and robust.

Triceratops topiary from the front

“Great to see the dinosaurs arrives today – they look really good!”

“We’ve started to put the dinosaurs out and already had a great reaction!”

The photos speak for themselves and the public reaction was so positive that a ‘Retail Birmingham’ immediately ordered an extra T-Rex and Stegosaurus. Shortly afterwards three more animals were commissioned – an Allosaurus, Velociraptor and Brachiosaurus.

Topiary Dinosaurs in Public

Delighted with the commission Retail Birmingham just launched a film about the project in time for the summer holidays. Watch it here:


The triceratops dinosaur topiary made from artificial boxwood in our topiary workshop


The stegosaurus having the finishing touches added to its tail in our topiary workshop
The stegosaurus having the finishing touches added to its tail in our topiary workshop

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Today we took the train to go and see Dippy on tour in Birmingham. We had a go at finding a few dinosaurs scattered around the city centre and then made our way up to the museum. We had a booked slot but there where plenty of people coming off the street and going in. For us the bit that made it was the Dino dig which is an extra £2 and must be booked but the boys loved being mini palaeontologists. You can have a look on our stories as they searched for fossils and categorised them. Have you seen the tour? Or will you be going? #dippyontour #dippyontourbirmingham

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Now that was fun!! Over 10,000 steps just this morning, shopping trip, lunch and movie with the family. ROARsome weekend! #DippyOnTour We love Dippy 👍 #DinosaurHunt #Dinosaurs 💚

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All ten dinosaurs snapped! #DippyOnTour #@shoppinginbham

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Hedging my bets to discover dinosaurs before they become extinct. #dippyontour @shoppinginbham

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Thought this was so cool!! #nofilter #dippyontour #dippyontourbirmingham #trex

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No #bees #beeinthecity #beeinthecitymcr @beeinthecitymcr here in #birmingham - it's all about #dinosaurs #dippyontour @shoppinginbham #shoppinginbham #igersbirmingham #igersbham

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If you’re looking for topiary dinosaurs or need something to spruce up your high street then contact us today!

Lush Moss Topiary HaresLush makes cosmetics by hand from natural ingredients. None of its products are tested on animals and the company is rightly proud of this claim - which it advertises through its fighting hares logo.

Focusing on the hares for a media event, Lush came to us to ensure that their logo was larger than life and eye-catching enough to take centre stage with journalists.

Lush Hares in Moss Topiary

We created the animals’ outlines expertly as usual using our tried and tested frame fabrication methods and the resulting skeletons were covered in moss for ease of transport, handling, care and longevity.

Lush now has an ecologically friendly version of its logo that it can use again and again at events to promote the company and its ethos about the welfare on animals.

Lush indeed!

If you're interested in some topiary hares or would like to see your company logo recreated in topiary then get in touch with us!

Bespoke planters and topiary lemon trees

The 2017 London Frieze Art Fair was a huge success and Agrumi helped one exhibitor gain a coveted Focus Stand Prize.

Various Small Fires (VSF) is a small Los Angeles-based gallery that acts for a number of artists of international standing, At Frieze this year the gallery chose to showcase a work by Helen Mayer Harrison and Newton Harrison (collectively known as ‘The Harrisons’).

The Harrisons live in Santa Cruz, California and pioneered the Ecological Art Movement back in the 70s. The movement promotes climate change solutions through art and their Survival Piece V Part II: Lemon Orchard Fragment is an early work dating from 1972.

This installation features lemon trees growing under photosynthetic lights and was originally intended to have dual meaning. Firstly, it acted as a critique of human kind’s influence on the planet’s ecosystems and secondly, it was a practical experiment for the indoor cultivation of fruit in a post-agricultural future.

Bespoke planters and topiary lemon trees

VSF chose to partner with Agrumi to re-create Survival Piece V Part II at Frieze in October. We sourced and planted Meyer lemon trees (a particularly hardy citrus breed) in specially constructed tubs that were then co-located under photosynthetic lights.

The look of the whole installation exactly replicated the appearance of Survival Piece V Part II as it had originally appeared over 40 years ago – although on a smaller scale. The installation was completed with surviving drawings and other ephemera from the 1972 original and visitors were again able to walk among the trees as they had done before.

The ‘portable orchard’ caught the eye of the Frieze judges (Richard Parry Director of Glasgow International, Christopher Lew Curator of the Whitney Museum and Hanne Mugaas Director of the Kunsthalle, Stavanger) and won the Focus Stand Prize.

This coup for VSF and Agrumi was doubly rewarding. Not only did it recognize the hard work that went in to bringing the installation to life again, it also allowed us to promote a serious ecological message. Following their sojourn at frieze the Meyer lemon trees have been replanted in an orchard.

If you need something green on your trade stand then get in touch!

Topiary Owls from The Night Gardener children's book

… that ‘The Night Gardener’ is a brilliant book. We were preening our feathers after being asked by Quarto Publishing to help them market this fantastic new addition to children’s literature.

The book tells the story of a topiary expert who transforms a miserable and grey street into a place of joy and colour by completing amazing topiaries by night while the street’s residents sleep.

The book’s cover features a beautiful owl, which Agrumi’s own topiary expert deftly copied in artificial Boxwood. This material was chosen over living plants because the figures would feature in the window displays of various popular London bookshops from the hardback launch at the beginning of 2017 to the paperback launch extending into 2018.

A topiary owl in a bookshop window promoting The Night Gardener

The figures would need little or no attention and would continue looking as good as the day they were made however long they were displayed and in however many different venues.

Commenting on the reception of the topiary owls at Quarto Head Office, Christopher Ransom said:

"They sent everyone in our office mad with excitement, and the likeness is amazing! Couldn’t be happier!"

The Night Gardener topiary owl

Reaction on Twitter is an online platform providing resources to help advertisers grow their social presence across all networks. The company, which has been part of the Twitter family since 2015, works with top brands worldwide connecting them with social media celebrities and developing branded content.

Niche Topiary Logo Enchanted Garden

Planning to take part in ’Summer in the City 2017’ - the UK’s largest Youtube and online video festival - Niche came to Agrumi and London-based fine art photographer Linda Blacker for help with their own promotional needs.

Linda has worked with a range of impressive clients and her unique style weaves fantasy and reality together to create eye-catching results. As creative director on the Niche project, Linda designed a stage set themed on the subject of ‘Enchanted Garden’. The result was delightfully evocative of Alice in Wonderland having been relocated to a Victorian fairground.

Logo Topiary for

Agumi’s role was to fabricate a giant copy of the Niche logo in moss to act as a focal point in the tableau. Constructed robustly on a wire frame, the logo was easy and light to manipulate into place and can be used again and again in promotional events because the moss is dried and dyed a natural shade of green.

Topiary Logo for Niche

This sort of topiary is a cost-effective publicity tool as, after the initial outlay to commission and purchase it, the sculpture goes on and on giving back in terms of use.

"Thank you for this - we LOVED it. It worked really well and was a real centre piece!"
- Jo Burford, UK and EU Twitter Community Manager

Famous Five RHS Wisley

If much-loved children’s author Enid Blyton had still been alive she would have celebrated her 120th birthday last year with the cherry on the cake that it was also 75 years since her first ‘Famous Five’ book was published.

Blyton’s 21 books in the eponymous series have charmed and engaged generations of children. Those children often grew into adults inspired by Blyton with a love of the outdoors and a special interest in plants, wildlife and gardening.

RHS Famous Five Poster

The Royal Horticultural Society (RHS) planned a fitting tribute to her this summer across all four of its beautiful gardens. Each garden devised a ‘Five Go on a Garden Adventure’ trail. A range of exciting events and activities was also devised involving exploring, den building, orienteering, bush craft, art, storytelling and story writing. The culmination of all the events in each garden was a mass picnic party on 11 August.

Having successfully worked with the RHS before, the organisers at the Wisley garden came to Agrumi when they decided to realise Blyton’s five main characters – Julian, Dick, Anne, George and Timmy the dog – in topiary. We worked closely together to design and fabricate the characters so that they retained key elements of the personality attributed to them by Blyton. Our plan was to ensure that each figure would be instantly recognisable to the author had she time travelled between the twentieth and twenty-first centuries.

The photo shows how successful Agrumi’s Head topiarist has been in bringing Blyton’s characters to 3D life through wire and plants.

The Agrumi contribution to the RHS’s tribute was significant and a fitting ‘green’ homage to Blyton the environmentalist and champion of natural things.

If you need some topiary figures for your park or garden then get in touch with us.

Moss topiary elephant at Chelsea in Bloom

The world-class alternative floral art show ‘Chelsea in Bloom’ was back this year for its 12th Anniversary. Produced in association with the Royal Horticultural Society (RHS), it transformed the local streets in May when the area’s best retailers, restaurants and hotels adorned their buildings with breathtaking floral displays and competed for the show’s coveted awards.

This year’s theme ‘Floral Safari’ inspired the retailers to explore the creative design potential of exotic animals, savannahs, plains and jungles. Each entrant turned to experts for help and Agrumi was on hand to ensure that two entrants won big.

The Sloane Club

Topiary elephants at Chelsea in Bloom 2017

This private members club on Lower Sloane Street is lucky enough to have an in-house florist – Carter Cherrill. Carter designed the Club’s display to highlight the plight of the African elephant - a majestic animal that is being hunted to extinction. The intention was to use the publicity garnered from the prestigious ‘Chelsea in Bloom’ event to focus attention on this serious ecological issue.

Agrumi was asked to create a 2-metre long topiary female African elephant in typical pose - trunk held high protecting its child. There are key physiological differences between African and Indian elephants and it would have been a serious mistake for Agrumi to misrepresent them. Carter and Agrumi complemented the beauty of the wild beasts with natural planting.

The hard work and attention to detail paid off and the RHS judges awarded the display a silver medal.

Bright orange flowers on a topiary elephant


Topiary giraffe outside Smythson

Smythson, the Sloane Street-based luxury leather goods retailer, brought florist Amanda Willgrave on board to design their display. She in turn commissioned Agrumi to bring her design vision into reality.

Baby topiary giraffe outside Smythson

Honouring Smythson’s 125 year-old archive, Amanda wanted to tell a story based on the golden age of travel. The resulting window treatment transported visitors to the African Savannah and the world-famous Giraffe Manor in Kenya. Life-sized mother and baby topiary giraffes, designed and made by Agrumi, flanked the entrances to Smythson’s boutique and welcomed guests into the store. The animals were surrounded by acacia and moss planting complemented with an array of indigenous African foliage and plants. Agrumi also made a separate giraffe head as a focal point for an interior display.

Tall floral topiary giraffe outside Smythson for Chelsea in Bloom

Amanda’s design and Agrumi’s execution of her vision enchanted the public and judges alike and it was awarded 2nd place and ‘highly commended’.


We would be delighted to discuss your own bespoke topiary sculpture ideas

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