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A Baker's Treat

Artificial Topiary version of 'T' & 'B' with an artificial topiary chair.
Ted Baker's Topiary 'T B' and rattan inspired Chair

Ted Baker is a well-known British luxury clothing success. Trading for over 30 years, the company now has stores around the world.

They first approached us in early 2018 for help with a photo shoot and we made them a topiary French Bull dog that went on to feature in one of their advertising campaigns.

Artificial topiary chair, with artificial flower embellishment.
We adorned Ted Baker chair with an artificial floral embellment

The feedback was so positive that a year later they came to us again for some giant topiary ‘TB’ letters and a custom chair in artificial boxwood. Our Head topiary-maker used to design and make chairs so this commission couldn’t have been in better hands.

Artificial Topiary version of 'T' & 'B'.

As you see the finished ‘furniture’ is elegant and eye-catching. Perfectly matched to Ted Baker’s own style.

Artificial topiary chair, with artificial flower embellishment.

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Having worked with Channel 5 in 2015 when we made a topiary crown for Celebrity Big Brother, the company came to us again in 2019 with an urgent commission for their new ‘Great Gardening Challenge’ show.

With only a month to go before the press launch at London’s Garden Museum we were brought on board to design and make a super-sized Channel 5 logo. We love a challenge!

A quirk of the Channel 5 logo’s design is its deep indentations and tight curves. We decided to use artificial grass on a boxwood plinth to better display these features and ensure that they showed up clearly in photographs and on film.

Everyone was happy with the result and even the great Nicki Chapman and Diarmuid Gavin were happy to pose with the final result.

Channel 5 Logo Topiary Sculpture
Nicki Chapman and Diarmuis Gavin posing next to the Topiary Channel 5 logo

Agrumi’s reputation is built on producing quality products against tight deadlines. Companies trust us to deliver with no compromise on design excellence or detail.

We are proud of our ongoing relationships with many long-term clients that return to us time and again to meet their PR ambitions.

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T-Rex and Frog in Window Display

Cath Kidston approached us to make them a few artificial boxwood animals for their window display in their Piccadilly store.

Their store has been fitted out with lots of hints of foliage: an artificial grass rug, plants on the shelving units and several leaf covered panels for displaying their accessories. So our artificial boxwood product was the perfect match to compliment their theme.

Artificial Boxwood T-Rex and Frogs

We made them one 6 foot high Tyrannosaurus-Rex and two ginormous frogs. They were covered in artificial boxwood, which is UV resistant, so they are able to stay in the windows for a long period of time, without fading in the sunlight.

Giant Frog in Cath Kidston Window Display
Cath Kidston's giant frog blending in his new surroundings
Artificial Boxwood T-Rex
The mouth and teeth were made with artificial grass, which adds an extra texture to the piece

They have used the T-rex as a prop to integrate with the shop’s products and mannequins.

Tyrannosaurus-Rex in Cath Kidston Window

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Topiary Horse, Fox and Elephant in memorial garden

Sunday 27th October 2019 marked one year since the helicopter accident that claimed the lives of the late Leicester City Chairman (Khun Vichai Srivaddhanaprabha), staff members Kaveporn Punpare and Nusara Suknamai, and pilots Eric Swaffer and Izabela Lechowicz outside King Power Stadium.

We were asked to produce three topiary sculptures for the memorial garden built on the crash site – one fox, one elephant and one horse.

Topiary Prancing Horse
2.5 metre high Prancing Horse covered in Star Jasmine

The fox was chosen as the club logo is a fox and it was covered in ligustrum. The elephant was chosen to give a nod to Vichai Srivaddhanaprabha's Thai heritage and that, as well as the prancing horse, was covered in star jasmine.

Topiary Elephant
3 metre long Elephant covered in evergreen Star Jasmine

The club hosted a private multi-faith ceremony on 27th October 2019,  at the garden, exactly one year after the helicopter crash that killed Khun Vichai Srivaddhanaprabha and 4 others.

We worked flat out to produce and deliver all the animals so that they could be planted before opening day.

Topiary Fox next to visitors
Guests at the memorial opening, waiting in line to leave mementos to those who died in the crash

After the opening day, the present CEO requested for the elephant’s pose to be changed. We happily accepted the elephant back at our workshop for alteration. We adapted the elephant’s head to be facing upwards, so that it had a more lively appearance.

Topiary Elephant Trunk Up
The elephant with its head changed to the 'trunk up' position
Birds Eye View of the VC Memorial Garden
Birds Eye View of the VC Memorial Garden

Leicester City Chief Executive Susan Whelan said about the garden: “…something peaceful, something poignant and something beautiful, where supporters of today and of future generations can remember what one man’s vision did for this Club, this community.

“The Vichai Srivaddhanaprabha Memorial Garden will be the latest in a series of lasting tributes that will form part of Khun Vichai’s legacy.”

If we can help you with some topiary sculptures please do get in touch!

Complete topiary cat in front drive

Colin from Grange Cattery (a family run business dedicated to providing accommodation for discerning cats) approached us about an artificial topiary cat to replace an old cat-shaped bush. He had spent years pruning a big bush in the front drive into the shape of a cat and this became an emblem for their business and something to make their property stand out. However this plant began to die, so he was desperate to replace this much-loved feline.Cat shaped bush in front drivedying cat shaped bush


With artificial boxwood we would not need to worry about the plant dying, and it requires no maintenance, so Colin can focus on helping out with the cats. We designed this 2 metre high cat with its front paws so that they would sit on the cattery's front wall.

Work in progress topiary cat

The sculpture was originally made a little too fat (oops – too many mice!), so we quickly adapted the cat’s belly and angle of the front paws to fit the space perfectly. We always want to make sure that the topiary we produce is exactly what the customer is looking for.

Artificial boxwood cat in front of workshop

The new topiary cat was installed in their drive and once some bespoke bright yellow eyes were put into place, Kat really came alive!

This piece really makes the cattery stand out as unique and is something that makes the property hard to miss.

Complete topiary cat in front drive

Topiary sculptures create great opportunities to utilise the holiday seasons throughout the year.

Artificial boxwood cat covered in Christmas decorations
Kat was decorated at Christmas time with big red ribbons

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In the summer of 2019, IMG asked us to make some artificial topiary letters for the Womens’s British Open in Woburn. IMG is a global leader in sports, events, media and fashion  and manages some of the world’s greatest sports figures and fashion icons.

We had previously made some letters for the client three years prior, and they wished to commission three new letters so that they could spell out #AIGWBO. This was to highlight the new title sponsor: in 2019 the Women’s British Open was headlined by AIG for the first time.

We matched the font from the previous order, to make sure that the letters would look like a full set, using the same dimensions and material.

Artificial grass letters spelling out AIG
These letters were made from artificial grass, which matched the theme of the project – golf

The letters were placed onto a large platform. We had attached bolting points onto each piece, so they used these to fix each letter securely to the platform, before adding a layer of green felt.

The platform was built in a prominent place, so that it could be a big feature to the event and be used as a photo opportunity.

If your upcoming event could do with some topiary sculptures, please get in touch!

Giant three metre high topiary ring

Hatton Garden is famously known as London’s jewellery quarter, so when they asked Agrumi Topiary Art to make a giant diamond ring it made a lot of sense!

We were asked for the topiary to be free standing on a large scale so that people could stand in it for photos. So we created the design for a 3 metre high Diamond Ring, high enough to stand under, which would be bolted into the ground.

Artificial boxwood was the topiary medium of choice for this project, as it is a realistic alternative to living plant that would last through the installation with zero maintenance.

Giant Artificial Topiary Ring

This project was brought about by the Hatton Garden BID (Business Improvement District), which funds improvements to the local area, to enhance commercial areas and celebrate the area’s uniqueness. A major benefit of BIDs is that they encourage footfall into the highstreet.

They were interested in having a planter filled with flowering plants at the top of the ‘diamond’ so we left this hollow. We created an artificial floral display (pink orchids, blue delphinium and various white flowers) to represent a pot full of flowers. They loved this so much that we left these built in for the duration of the ring’s installation!

Topiary ring on site at Hatton Garden

A big sign was placed on the ground saying “SMILE Take a photo in the ring and share with us @HattonGDN to win great prizes this summer… #HattonSummer”.

Lady posing in front of the topiary ring

"Hatton Garden is steeped in history relating to jewellery and diamonds. We are very proud of our identity and want to celebrate who we are. This is why Hatton Garden BID commissioned Agrumi Limited to design a bespoke large topiary engagement ring to be placed on the high street. We could not be happier with the result and it provided a fantastic way for people to get involved and share their stories / moments in our area."

- James Sackley, BID Manager, Hatton Garden BID

As you can see this has been a success with people sharing the images online:

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Limerick Roundabout Topiary - An installation by Agrumi for Limerick Self Storage. Picture shows artificial boxwood topiary in the shape of boxes with a doorway

Limerick in Ireland is an historic town the beauty of which has recently been enhanced with Agrumi topiary. Agrumi’s handmade designs – in living or artificial plants – are perfect for business advertising in public spaces. 

When Limerick Self Storage chose to advertise on a roundabout they needed an eye-catching design. The project had to publicize the company’s services to motorists quickly, but effectively as they negotiated their way around the heart of the city close to the River Shannon and the station. 

A mockup of the design
A mockup of the design using actual boxes

Agrumi worked closely with Limerick Self Storage to develop a design that focuses on the main tools of their trade – packing cases and other forms of storage. The resulting layout is made in artificial boxwood to be robust and long lasting. 

The cubes vary is size from 35cm to 90 cm and the doorway to the installation is 250cm tall. Metal posts have been dug 100cm into the ground to ensure that the structures stay in place and withstand the strong winds that blow along the river. 

Limerick Roundabout Topiary - An installation by Agrumi for Limerick Self Storage. Picture shows artificial boxwood topiary in the shape of boxes with a doorway

The design imaginatively and playfully showcases all that Limerick Self Storage is about alongside discrete, low natural planting that deliberately scales up the topiary elements. 

The Managing Director’s feedback says it all…

Thank you to everyone involved in this project, it has been a great success and we are already starting to receive very positive feedback.”

Shannonbridge Roundabout topiary in Limerick. Shows an archway with some topiary boxes

Limerick Roundabout Topiary - An installation by Agrumi for Limerick Self Storage. Picture shows artificial boxwood topiary in the shape of boxes with a doorway

Limerick Roundabout Topiary - An installation by Agrumi for Limerick Self Storage. Picture shows artificial boxwood topiary in the shape of boxes with a doorway

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We first heard about the Enham Trust through a topiary commission (see photo). As we got to understand more about them and the wonderful work they do we realised there was no way we could charge them for the project – we simply had to make it a donation!

Bespoke Topiary Art Letters donated to Enham Trust

This case study is a great opportunity to bring a fantastic charity to the attention of our other clients and potential customers so they can think about donating too.

Over almost 100 years the Trust has facilitated opportunities for hundreds of thousands of disabled, elderly and vulnerable people to live the lives they choose, as independently as possible.

At present the Trust is supporting over 6500 individuals – children and adults - across three core services:

  • Care – including care at home
  • Housing – including sheltered accommodation and care homes
  • Employment – including jobs and skills training

The range of assistance offered is phenomenal from personal care (including help with personal hygiene such as bathing and showering, medications and food and drink preparation) to social support (such as shopping trips, domestic care, social activities, welfare checks and financial management and administration).

Based in Hampshire but with a much wider reach the Trust’s full care model enables them to provide a ‘wrap around service’ that is personalised and tailored to individuals.

Without the Trust’s know-how and support the lives of many people would be much the poorer physically and emotionally.

This Christmas and beyond if you’re looking for a deserving charity to support you should look no further that the Enham Trust.

Follow this link to the Trust’s website:

Disney Mickey Mouse Topiary Sculpture

Following our recent commissions for Disney to celebrate Mickey’s 90th more work has followed including this witty installation for Disney via the PR company 2Heads.

Everyone here in the creative team at Agrumi had a blast putting this piece together:

  • From our hardworking, courteous office staff who provide Agrumi’s backbone and dealt with the new commission through the initial phone call to the legal, administrative and financiald etails;
  • To the inspired and inspiring design and fabrication department who made the figure;
  • To our wonderful delivery guys that carefully packaged and expertly delivered Mickey to our expectant customer.
  • The feedback about the pieces we made for Disney and 2 Heads have been overwhelmingly positive:

    “Many thanks for what you produced, they met the brief perfectly and added that little extra to a successful event."
    Punch Wilson, Production Manager, 2Heads

We would be delighted to discuss your own bespoke topiary sculpture ideas

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