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Artificial Hedges

Bespoke artificial hedging custom made by Agrumi

Bespoke Artificial Hedging for Gardens, Outdoor Areas and Indoor Spaces

If you need a hedge but haven’t got time to wait for it to grow, and you don’t want to worry about trimming and watering all summer, then you’ve found the perfect solution - Agrumi’s Artificial Hedging.

Not so long ago fake foliage looked terrible, but these days you have to touch it to find out whether it’s real or not.

This means you can now add a touch of class and colour to your space and have it looking great all year round.

Our craftsmen have made bespoke artificial hedges for theme parks, retail spaces, outdoor gardens and more and we’re waiting to make a hedge for you.

Artificial hedging for indoors and outdoors use
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How It Works

1. Get in touch for a free no obligation quotation

First of all, get in touch with us. Together we will discuss the requirements of your project and give you a free no obligation quotation.

2. “Growing” the hedges

We hand make your artificial hedges to your custom specifications. At the center of the hedge is a steel frame - for stability, strength and rigidity. The frame can be designed to fit into a choice of planter or directly into the ground.

The frame is then covered in the most realistic looking foliage available. Your fake hedge will look like a real hedge.

Typically this process takes around 2-3 weeks (though we can also do express jobs if needed) We will advise you of the lead time before you confirm the order.

3. We deliver to you

Once we have completed the build we will deliver the hedges by pallet or dedicated vehicle, depending on the size and quantity of hedging units.

Lit up planters with artificial boxwood hedging in

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Uses of Artificial Hedging

  • Create natural looking privacy - our artificial foliage is thick and lush, you can’t see through it and it can be built to any height, making it perfect to shield you from unwanted attention and stop nosey people looking in on you.
  • Screen away unsightly areas - hide the bins, cover an ugly wall or fence, or screen a development site in a way that won’t just add to the problem.
  • Define borders and boundaries - artificial hedging makes an attractive alternative to fences, walls and ropes.
  • Improve aesthetics - add some green where plants just won’t grow, like a heavily shaded urban outdoor space or a dark room in a bar.
  • Bars & Restaurants - artificial hedging is a great way to partition off indoor areas or decorate courtyards and terraces.
  • Retail Areas and Shopping Centres - use artificial hedging to decorate window displays, temporarily close off sections or to control footfall throughout the store.
  • Outdoor Show and Events - if you need temporary screening or a boundary but still want to keep things looking outdoorsy then artificial hedging is a great solution since it’s easy to move a quick to set up and take down.
  • Hotels and Wedding Venues - artificial hedging provides a great backdrop to photos and can be used to bring an outdoor vibe indoors or provide privacy for your guests without spoiling the view.
  • Commercial Office Space - use artificial hedging to make your office greener and your foyer more inviting, with no maintenance contracts required

Artificial hedging in retail space
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The Advantages of Artificial Hedging Over Real Hedging

  • Instant Results so you don’t have to wait - You don’t have to wait years for an artificial hedge to grow. Simply order today at the height you need, and once we’ve finished hand making your lush green hedge,you’ll get the instant privacy and screening you desire.
  • No Maintenance saving you money and time - You’ll save your own time or money spent on garden maintenance because our artificial hedges look great all year round. No trimming or sweeping up leaves required! Your hedge will always be immaculate.
  • You can move it around - If you’re moving house, or changing the layout of your outdoor dining area or shop, you can move your hedge around. The planters can be weighed or bolted down to prevent theft, but if you need to move them it’s possible.
  • Works in Areas with less sunlight - If you need a hedge in a shady spot, indoors or at a night time venue then a living hedge probably won’t be possible. Luckily artificially hedging looks just as good.
  • Realistic Looking - the materials we use have been carefully chosen by our horticulturalists for their botanical accuracy. We only use the most authentic looking coverings with the best visual appeal so that we can be sure your hedge will look great wherever you put it.

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UV Resistant - No discolouration or fading

Normally bright sunlight can cause irreparable damage and colour loss to artificial foliage, but not with our hedging. We use foliage that can withstand constant prolonged exposure to bright sunlight and extreme heat, nullifying its damaging effect. Laboratory tests show that you can store our artificial hedging outdoors permanently without having to worry about UV degradation. Your artificial hedging will continue to look great for years to come.

Bespoke Made - customised to fit your space

All our hedging is handbuilt by us at our workshop in the New Forest. If you need a bespoke fit for your space, or require curved hedges and unusual angles, then we will build something especially for you.
ARtificial Hedging in a White Planter

Get in touch with us today and we can discuss how artificial hedging can brighten up your space. We can provide free no obligation quotes once we know the desired height and length of your hedge.

Request a Free No Obligation Estimate

Why not discuss your ideas with us?

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