Agrumi Bespoke Topiary Logo

Agrumi rises to The Great Gardening Challenge

Having worked with Channel 5 in 2015 when we made a topiary crown for Celebrity Big Brother, the company came to us again in 2019 with an urgent commission for their new ‘Great Gardening Challenge’ show.

With only a month to go before the press launch at London’s Garden Museum we were brought on board to design and make a super-sized Channel 5 logo. We love a challenge!

A quirk of the Channel 5 logo’s design is its deep indentations and tight curves. We decided to use artificial grass on a boxwood plinth to better display these features and ensure that they showed up clearly in photographs and on film.

Everyone was happy with the result and even the great Nicki Chapman and Diarmuid Gavin were happy to pose with the final result.

Channel 5 Logo Topiary Sculpture
Nicki Chapman and Diarmuis Gavin posing next to the Topiary Channel 5 logo

Agrumi’s reputation is built on producing quality products against tight deadlines. Companies trust us to deliver with no compromise on design excellence or detail.

We are proud of our ongoing relationships with many long-term clients that return to us time and again to meet their PR ambitions.

Could your logo be tranformed into a topiary sculpture? Contact us for a chat!

Why not discuss your ideas with us?

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