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Niche Opening for Agrumi Topiary is an online platform providing resources to help advertisers grow their social presence across all networks. The company, which has been part of the Twitter family since 2015, works with top brands worldwide connecting them with social media celebrities and developing branded content.

Niche Topiary Logo Enchanted Garden

Planning to take part in ’Summer in the City 2017’ - the UK’s largest Youtube and online video festival - Niche came to Agrumi and London-based fine art photographer Linda Blacker for help with their own promotional needs.

Linda has worked with a range of impressive clients and her unique style weaves fantasy and reality together to create eye-catching results. As creative director on the Niche project, Linda designed a stage set themed on the subject of ‘Enchanted Garden’. The result was delightfully evocative of Alice in Wonderland having been relocated to a Victorian fairground.

Logo Topiary for

Agumi’s role was to fabricate a giant copy of the Niche logo in moss to act as a focal point in the tableau. Constructed robustly on a wire frame, the logo was easy and light to manipulate into place and can be used again and again in promotional events because the moss is dried and dyed a natural shade of green.

Topiary Logo for Niche

This sort of topiary is a cost-effective publicity tool as, after the initial outlay to commission and purchase it, the sculpture goes on and on giving back in terms of use.

"Thank you for this - we LOVED it. It worked really well and was a real centre piece!"
- Jo Burford, UK and EU Twitter Community Manager

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